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My Introduction

Hello! Nice to meet you! Aliana he~re!
Be my friend if you want, I don't bite ;)

Question & Answers

Name: Aliana
Nick name: Yana, Ali, Rain, Yan, Pi-chan
Age: 14 years old, 1996/3/11
Hometown: Bais
Height: I don't know really (^_^;) I don't keep in track with it.. Orz
Hobby: Drawing! I really like drawing! Sometimes I do other stuff like sing (not only in the shower haha),
dance and so on :)
Specialty: I don't have any specialty ;A;
Favourite Food: I like fruits, especially oranges! But orange is not my favourite colour! Yellow is :)!
Happiest Time: When I got my tablet, last christmas ;A;!! Thank you so much!
Goals for the future: I want to be a mangaka! >o<

(Yes, I deleted my old posts, I want to renew my blog! Have a new start! lol)

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